GTSSS is a faith based organization totally dependent on Contributions without any financial support from the Government. Growing work is constantly demanding much time and more resources. As on going needs are continually demanding, GTSSS team prayerfully planned some self sustainable projects, such as Rice Rice Field and Layer (Eggs) Chicken farm to create work and it support the work. This is only beginning, but in the future searching better business opportunities to support the work from local support.
Rice Fields: Per day we need about 2200 Kilos of rice to meet the needs of our activities.  If we are able to purchase rice fields we can feed our children and those that we minister to, and provide work.
GTSSS have established a Broiler Chicken Farm where raising Chicken for meet. Also operating Layer (Eggs) poultry farm. By running these chicken farms number of people got jobs also providing eggs to the children living under GTSSS care and supporting some of the needs of GTSSS through the income. In the future we are planning to develop Grace Layer Poultry farm to support all children homes/Hostels with local support.
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