Grace Children’s School (A wing of GTSSS):  

Grace Children’s School was established at GTSSS Premises Tanikella of Konijerla Mandal, Khammam District. This school is recognized by the government of Andhra Pradesh to educate from primary school up to the 10th Level.


This school is used by our orphan children who live in the Grace Home. We have hired qualified teachers and staff to run the school, and to provide a quality education to the children in the orphanage. 1159 children are living in this home and are studying in the Grace Children’s School.


Class Room


Why Grace Children School?

  Grace Children School is providing two benefits:  

Providing a quality education to the orphan children in the orphanage, so that they can have a better future. Providing jobs to unemployed qualified teachers and staff.  As a result, these poor qualified teachers can have a life without discouragement, and they can take care of their families.

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