Providing food, clothing, education, shelter and Hope:  

There are approximately 4.5 million physically handicapped children living in India. We opened Grace Home for physically handicapped children on January 14, 2005 with 18 handicapped children. We provide food, clothing, education, shelter, and medical assistance.  All of their needs are met in the Grace Home. When a child comes into Grace Home, he is treated as if he were one of our own children.



Reason for Opening:


When Brother Jacob was over one year old boy and was just learning how to walk, he contracted polio.  His mother took him to a doctor.  The doctor’s diagnosis was that there was no way for him to walk again. On the same night, his mother was sitting and crying outside the hospital house.  She was a single lady with a sick boy.  That night when she went to bed, she dreamed that this boy was going to walk after three days. When she opened her eyes, she thought he was walking, but he was still paralyzed.  Shortly, they returned home.  On the third day, he began to walk.  Now his mother believes that Jesus healed him even when she did not know Him.  Jacob knew that other children were affected by polio at the same time he was, but never walked. Some are still on their sick beds.  Brother Jacob realized that God has a purpose in his life to do some thing for handicapped children. Thanks to the Lord, Brother Jacob and team prayed and opened this Home.




We dedicated Grace Physical Handicapped Home on January 14, 2005, with 18 handicapped children.  Some of the children have to crawl, and some of them are able to walk with the help of sticks. We are planning to accept more handicapped children into this home and provide them with food, clothing, education, shelter, medical care, and love.  All of these things are needed in order to make a difference in their lives.

But here I have hope with tricycle
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(1) When handicapped children come to Grace Home, they are loved and cared for by a committed Christian family, who lives in the home and helps the children. This family loves the Lord Jesus and are very happy in the Home.

(2) Once these children were neglected and felt as if they were no good - that there was no meaning for their lives.  Now, they have found hope and a future.

(3) Some of the girls complete a sewing machine training program.  At the end of the training program, they receive a sewing machine as a gift.  Because of this gift, they are able to become self-sufficient.

(4) Some of these children have finished their high school and have now enrolled in the engineering college and other university level education.

* Dear friends, if you are willing to sponsor a physically handicapped child we will send you all the relevant information. 

* We are in need of wheelchairs and tricycles for handicapped children who are unable to walk. 

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