First mission school in the area  
  Provides quality education to the orphans and needy children  
  Creates jobs for unemployed qualified teachers  

Grace Mission School is a branch of GTSSS. This school was built beside Grace Orphanage and Grace Handicapped Children Home. It was opened on June 9, 2004 for the benefit of orphans and needy children in the community. Grace Mission School is a primary school and a high school. This school is recognized by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh. At this moment, we have 500 children in the school.

This is the first mission school in the history of this area. The Grace Mission School is located in a town named Manuguru, a coal mining town, with a population of 120,000 people. There are more than 100 villages surrounding this town. Since it is centrally located in this area, this educational institution plays a vital role for the local community.  Wealthy people are able to obtain an education for their children by sending them to the big cities and paying money.  Grace Mission School is the only educational resource available to orphans and needy children in this community.

How can you help us?

We are privileged to have 500 children studying and receiving quality education in our GRACE MISSION HIGH SCHOOL. At the same time, we employ around 30 people including teachers, helpers, tutors, and drivers.  By working in this institution, they  are able to provide for their families.  We enjoy giving the children a quality education and employing these people. However, it is a great financial responsibility to maintain the school. We have no financial support from the government to operate the school. Today, our orphans and needy children who are studying in the Grace Mission School are treated as king's children. They have school dresses, two pairs of shoes, necktie, belt & badge, books, and school bags. Per month we need $2000 /£1500/ €1700. To pay the Salaries of the staff.



Our future plans:


As the numbers in the orphanages continue to grow daily, it is apparent that we need our own educational institutions from beginning age at the nursery all the way through advanced bachelor’s degree.  Currently, we teach up to the high school level. In the future, as God provides resources, we are planning to teach up to the 11th and 12th grades. We would also offer a three year bachelor’s degree college program. This would enable us to offer a child that enters our institute the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from our institution. Friends, I request that you pray concerning this matter.

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