GTSSS has established and opened home for the Destitute Elderly people who are living in very difficult situaiton. On 7th December 2004, GTSSS opened a beautiful building facility in the presence of high ranking government  officials and the ITDA Project Officer of Bhadrachalam. This home is situated at Yettapaka Village of Bhadrachalam. We have dedicated staff those who are helping with love to these elderly people. Providing food, Accommodation, Medical Care, Clothes and total in free of cost. Many of these elderly people have experienced very painful situation before they come to elderly people home due to their family situation, however now they are happy and thankful. Building facilities planned and built seperate for Women and Men. Sister Grace and her husband Kishore kumar with their team providing quality and kind services.


We are happy in the Aged Home. Will you please send piece of  bread?


Second home for the Elderly people running at Hemachandrapuram Leprosy Colony. Here we provide food, clothing and Medicla care for the eldelry people living in the Leprosy colony. Elderly people in this place do not stay with us since we do not have enough building facilities. Out staff take care of their needs and help them with good care.

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