Lepers Care:  

Providing Rice and Provisions, Medical Care

  Distributing Blankets and Clothes, Sharing hope of Gospel  

There are many people suffering from leprosy in India. There are many colonies where people suffering from Leprosy living in. They are living very difficult lives with pain.


In 1997, Brother Jacob met a leper women sitting by the side of the road. Everyone just passed by her.  But, not Brother Jacob.  He stopped and spent some time talking with her. She broke down into tears and told him her story.  She told him about the pain in her heart and about the people in her leper colony.  She asked Jacob to come and visit the lepers in the leper colony. Brother Jacob went and saw the broken lives.  He knew that they needed to see the love of Jesus in action.


Oh! God what a painful life
Wounds Cleaning

From that beginning, GTSSS is now working in 45 leper colonies which ministers to  over 3560 people suffering from leprosy. We are sharing God's love by providing rice, blankets, food, medication and other items of necessity. Per month we need $1000 /£642/ €750 per each colony to help them with Rice, Medicine.

  Home for the children of Lepers:  

I will never forget what happened one day as I visited a  particular leper colony.  One of the men, who was suffering from leprosy, had a son.  The man was very ill.  In fact, he was dying.  He called me close to him and took his son's hand and put it in my hand.  He said, “Pastor Jacob! Will you promise me to take care of my son? If you say yes, I will die in peace.” I have never forgotten those words.  A few days later the man died.  As I had promised, I took his son into our Grace Home.

As a result of that, we started a home for the children of lepers.  For these children, we provide food, clothing, education, and shelter.  Most importantly, we prepare them for a better future.


Tanugula Leprosy Colony:

  We have helped 22 families suffering from Leprosy with building houses for each family and opened in April 2015. These families are now safely living. They are so thankful.  
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