Free Medical Camps & Mobile Clinic Project
  Organizing Mega Medical Camps  
  Providing Artificial Limbs  
  Daily Visits from Medical Team to Leper colonies  

GTSSS has a Mobile Medical Clinic Project which consists of a medical doctor, two nurses, a supervisor, a driver, and an ambulance. This project was launched on January 19, 2008. This medical team constantly helps the leper colonies and poor villages by providing free medical help. At the same time, they perform site visits to our orphanages.

We thank God for GTSSS, We never had such a medical camp before.
Apart from this, we also organize Mega Medical Camps with the cooperation of government officials and provide medical help to thousands of needy people. We also provide artificial limbs to the poor men and women who have lost their limbs in accidents or for other reasons. The people are so thankful for free medical assistance.

One of the events that we participated in was called the “Super Specialty Mega Free Medical Camp.”  During this medical project, more than 7000 people received free medical assistance.  During this event we presented a limb (left artificial leg) to a tribal man named Tati Narasimha Rao, in the presence of high ranking police  officials. This limb was imported from the UK and cost of Rs.65,000.  This man lost his leg in an accident a few years ago, but now he is able to play football.  There are so many people that have benefited from the work of GTSSS.


How can you Help?

  We can conduct a Super Specialty Free Medical Camp within the price of $3750/£2410/€2812. Nearly five to 10,000 people would benefit from a medical camp.  


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