Introduction:There are about 42 million people living in the Slum areas of India, which is ASIA's biggest slum community. For every 5 seconds a child dying in Slum areas that means 2 million children dying every year among slums alone.

July 2012, when Bishop Jacob visted different slum areas in India, many days he was fasting and praying as the Lord laid great burden in his heart to help and raise Army of Slum Children as a tomorrow's leaders with Bible principle. Ever since Jacob began to share his new vision for Slum Children to every one to pray for this SAVE 1000 SLUM CHILDREN PROJECT.

Jacob believes that today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Nobody can change Slums, but only their children. The future of the country is in their hands. Bishop Jacob and GTSSS team praying for 1000 Slum Children Project to take 1000 Slum children from Slums to give them quality Education, accommodation and Jesus Principles. So that they will become tomorrow's potential leaders with Jesus Principles and change Slums from darkness of poverty to eternal life.


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  Grace Home for Slum Children:  

GTSSS has started first Slum children Home on 17th of June 2013, with 60 children in Hyderabad, India. Gradually by the generosity of Christian Friends we have developed first phase of Slum children project and opened on 18th of June 2014. We opened this first phase of the project in the presence of Senior Civil Judge of R.R. District and several Government officials. After opening first phase RCC buildings, we have taken 250 children into Grace Children Home. Soon after opening this first phase of the Grace Children Home, news went on to poor people then they began to bring their children to the Grace Children Home. Since we do not have enough space for every child, we stop taking more children. Over 300 children turned back to their communities with disappointment. After seeing the situation of the children our hearts were touched and we were very regret that we could not able to take more children.

  Ever since Bishop Jacob began to promote his love and burden for the over 300 children who could not get chance to get into Grace Children Home due to lack of space. By the Grace of the Lord so many generous friends of GTSSS extended their loving contributions for the expansion of the Slum children Project. As a result of that second phase of the Slum children home (Grace Children Home) work is completed and officially opened on 5th August 2015, in the presence of R.R. District Judge, several Government officials and local leaders. Now as we opened second phase of Slum children Project, we have taken those 300 children who had been waiting since last year.  Currently we have 550 children living in the Grace Home.  
  We are glad to see that their faces are filled with joy and full of hope. We are identifying the needs of each child accordingly we provide counseling and mentoring as well as a clean living environment, nutritious food, uniforms, Schooling needs, quality education, extra circular activities with life skills training that makes them leader of tomorrow.  
  Our Goal:  
  Our Goal is developed this project gradually upto 1000 children full facility with all their educational arrangements.  
  It is great joy to see that these orphans, semi orphans and needy children who are vulnerable and deprived, now they are safe and happy with full of hope for future. However it is great responsibility to meet their daily needs and also staff salaries. There is no Government financial support for this home, it is totally run by contributions given by generous people. We welcome any kind of support from generous friends for the operation of Grace Children home.  
  Monthly Budget:  

For the operation of Grace Children Home per month we need Rs. 11,00,000 ( $18000 /£12222 /€15714)

  This includes Total children care, staff salaries (Both Teaching and Non Teaching).  
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